Chiropractors from all over Florida trust Video EMC

Frequently Asked Questions


How are the exams performed?

Exams are performed using ClockTree telemedicine services.  Clocktree is a secure, HIPPA-complient video platform.

Are telemedicine exams recognized by the insurance companies?

Yes.  The Florida Administrative Code & Florida Administrative Register established  Rule: 64B8-9.0141 of the Florida Department of Health on January 6, 2006.   A new section added into the Florida statutes (Section 456.47, F.S.) took effect on July 1, 2019, which made it easier for medical providers to offer Telemedicine services 

How do attorney's feel about Video EMC?

Attorneys appreciate the ease and peace of mind of knowing their client has received their EMC without any concerns the $2500 benefits limit will ever be exhausted.  Also, law firms have utilized video services for years, such as video depositions, and understand the benefits of the technology. 

Does my practice need any special equipment for a Video EMC?

Video EMC exams can be performed on any PC or Laptop that has a webcam.  You can also use any cell phone or tablet.  Video EMC works on any Apple or Android device.  Best of all, if you don't have a compatible device, we can provide one for you.

How does my practice get set up for Video EMC?

To create your no-obligation Video EMC profle, simply CLICK THIS LINK, where you will be taken to our telemedicine portal at    Setting up your profile takes less than 2 minutes.  

How do I schedule a Video EMC?

To schedule an exam, simply contact our offices at (727) 823-4848 or send an email to

How quickly can I get a Video EMC scheduled for my patient?

Video EMCs can be scheduled within 24 hours and are available Monday - Friday from 9:30 am to 6:00 pm.


What kind of documentation do I need to provide for my patient's Video EMC?

The day before your exam, please email or fax a copy of your initial examination and any supporting documentation, such as patient demographics or diagnostic imaging reports. Email to or fax (727) 823-4880.

Can patients use their own devices or do their Video EMC at their home?

Unfortunately, patient's cannot establish the required provider credentials through ClockTree.  Their Video EMC can be administered during their next scheduled visit within the comfort of your office.

What is the charge for a Video EMC?

There is never a charge to your practice for a Video EMC.  We do our own billing and typically charge no more than a 99204 for the exam.  In some cases, depending on the amount of patient documentation, we may also charge a 99358 for Medical Records Review.

How long does a Video EMC exam take?

A typical exam will last 20 - 30 minutes.

Are Video EMCs offered in Spanish or other languages?

Fortunately, because Video EMC exams are administered within your offices, you can utilize your existing staff or translation services.  

Can you prescribe medication during a Video EMC?

Yes, many times patients request muscle relaxers or medication to help manage their pain and discomfort.  We can prescribe any non-narcotic medications during an initial Video EMC consult, or you may request a follow-up appointment for your patients at any time for their medication needs.  Any follow-up exam will be billed as a CPT 99213 or 99214, depending upon complexity.